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Event Calendar

Note to better benefit our members and meeting attendees we are going to a twice monthly meeting format in the Denver Metro Area to offer a more diverse range of inventor educational presentations and provide for added networking sessions to help accelerate our members potential for success.  There is no charge for members to attend meetings, non-members pay $15 per meeting ($10 per meeting in Loveland-Fort Collins area due to no snacks and drinks)-that can be paid through the RMIA website under the "Join Us" tab, via Meetup.com, or at the door, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards, thank-you. 

For general meeting information contact: Roger Jackson  Phone: 303-271-9468    Email: roger@jacksonesquire.com   

(The Denver Metro Area Meetings are the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM)

Location is always at Vesta Technology's Offices at 13050 West 43rd Drive, Suite 300, Golden, CO 80403

  (Click here for a map)      Snacks and drinks are always provided free of charge.

Special Denver Metro Area Inventors Meeting will be on April 8, for Learning How to do a Top Quality Patent Search (note this class is repeated every quarter or so, due to its popularity);

Speaker: Training staff at the Denver Public Library

Topic:  Hands on (on computer terminal) training for PubWEST  - US Patent Office patent & patent application publication search tool.   In addition, the Denver Public Library will have the capability of the US Patent Office PubEAST system, which is the search tool for accessing multiple patent and publication databases worldwide, if you learn this system PubEAST and PubWEST systems-you will have the same capability as an Examiner at the US Patent Office for quality searching. 

 Speaker:  Time: 6:00PM to 8:00PM

ggggggggggggIn conjunction with our affiliation with the Denver Public Library and in accordance with the Rocky Mountain Inventors Association (RMIA) mission to be an inventors non-profit educational organization we are offering training for you the inventor to become a top quality searcher and to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, so why pay for someone else to do your search when you can learn to do a top quality search yourself, especially if you have numerous ideas you want to check out search wise. 

The location is at the Denver Public Library-Main Branch 13th & Broadway, NW corner-go to the 3rd floor to "Reference" located on the (south central side of building) map link here and ask for access to "PubWEST" (they will help you) which is the enhanced patent search system that Patent Examiners use at the Patent Office in Washington DC-"PubWEST" has enhanced features for searching that are NOT available online-this is only available locally at the Denver Public Library and the Denver Patent Office (when it opens this July), this is the best searching you can do, as it is the same system that the Patent Office Examiners use (note this is NOT available online)-so if you are serious about doing a quality search, this is a must attend-meeting size is limited to 12 people who can have "hands-on" learning on a terminal, we can accommodate more than 12 people, but you will just be able to watch the training, we will have another class if needed.      Click here to learn more about how PubWEST is superior as compared to general online search.   Note that for the training class only-go up to the 4th floor directly above the previously identified "Reference" to the small computer training room for the class, however, for just using the PubWEST on your own, then you go to the 3rd floor Reference.   On parking, area street parking on Acoma, Bannock, and 12th, as the street parking meters are free after 6PM, you may have to pay for 15 minutes at 25 cents, or you can park in the Art Museum garage for $4 for the evening-enter the garage on 12th between Broadway and Acoma.                         

Denver Public Library Inventors Meeting for Basic Patent Search will be announced shortly;

Speakers: Louie Casem and Steve Schneck (both Live in person) of the Denver Public Library who also teach the PubWEST and PubEAST classes above

Topic: Basic patent searching

Description: Unless you are a very experienced patent searcher-it is highly recommended you take this basic searching class prior to taking either PubWEST or PubEAST above.  This class is put on by the Denver Public Library with assistance from the Rocky Mountain Inventors Association, the basic searching class is open to the public and there is no fee to attend. 


Denver Metro Area Inventors Meeting on Thursday, March 27th;

Speaker: Matt Wartell  (live in person)

Topic:  Economical video production

Speaker Bio: Matt has over 30 years experience in designing promotional materials. 

Speaker Contact: Phone-720-628-0548   Email-mlwartell@qwestoffice.net 

Denver Metro Area Inventors Meeting on Thursday, April 10;

Speaker: Gary J. Graham (live in person)
Topic: Transitioning from an Inventor with a Product to a Real Company
Speaker Bio: Gary has over 35 years of investment and merchant banking experience, beginning his career at Smith Barney & Co. in New York where he specialized in developing financing solutions for growth companies and later working for Drexel Burnham Lambert on special project financing. He has provided financial advice to both domestic and foreign entities. He has also served as Chairman, Director and Interim Chief Executive Officer of several private corporations. Having founded and later sold his own Denver based investment banking firm, Gary founded First Capital Business Development, LLC and has spent much of the past decade providing executive management experience in operations, budgeting and capital acquisition to start-up and underperforming emerging-growth companies with highly scalable products or technologies. Drawing upon Gary’s experience in mergers, acquisitions, private and public financings, joint ventures, distribution transactions, restructuring and business development, First Capital’s clients have realized their operational and financial goals, as well maximized their shareholder values.
Expertise in start-up, restart and small cap public and private companies with highly scalable products or technologies.
 Extensive, detailed due diligence investigations for European financial institutions
 Assess, organize, plan and execute pre-offering due diligence investigations with electronic availability to investors
 Over 100 public and private offerings
 Effectively work with entrepreneurs, founders and inventors
 Turnaround, restructuring and business development services
 Finance and corporate communication
 Competitive and capital structure analysis and corporate strategy
 Capability of assuming full or partial interim executive management, financial, operational, budgeting and capital acquisition functioning of client companies pending recruitment of c-suite management and an independent board of directors
Speaker Contact:
Phone: 303-362-1073
Email: ggraham@fstcapital.com
Denver Metro Area Inventors Meeting on Thursday, April 24, 2014;
Speaker:  Paul Neilson (Experienced Angel Investor)
Topic:  What Angles Want from inventors and founders
Whether you need funding or not you should always have your company situated to appear attractive financially for a number of reasons being; ability to raise money if required, better company valuation, managing your company better, to attract better talent for your team, and numerous other reasons. 
Speaker Bio:  
Paul is a highly experienced engineer and entrepreneur with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a masters degree in computer science.  Paul co-founded Adaptive Instruments Corporation, making the first smart temperature transmitter produced, with many other innovative products that followed-Adaptive Instruments was eventually sold to Accutech Wireless of Schneider Electric.  Paul also has been involved in a number of SBIR projects and teaches Engineering Entrepreneurship at the University of Denver.   Paul is also an Angel investor that is involved with the Rockies Venture Club.   It isn't often we get an Angel investor to spend the time to help inventors to structure themselves to better have the chance to obtain funding, so this is a must attend meeting. 
Speaker Contact:
Phone: 720-420-9090
Email: pneilson@neilsonlabs.com
Colorado Springs Metro Area Inventors Meetings are suspended for now-watch for a future announcement;

(The Colorado Springs Metro Area including the Pikes Peak area Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM)

For general information on Colorado Springs area meetings contact Doug Estrada at;

Phone: 719-648-7122   Email: doug@woodland-park.net   

The location for the Colorado Springs area meetings is 10605 Green Mountain Falls Road, Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

(Go to the far back building in the room next to the indoor basketball court)

Click here for a map to the Colorado Springs Area meetings.   

Speaker:To be announced

Topic: To be announced


Speaker Bio:



Fort Collins / Loveland Metro Area Inventors Meeting on Thursday, April 3rd 

(The Fort Collins / Loveland area meetings are normally the 1st Thursday of each month, from 6:00-7:45 p.m.)

Location is at the Loveland Library
300 North Adams Avenue, Loveland, Colorado 80537 (Click here for a map)
Note: Library building entrance is on the south west corner of the library building and  parking is on the south side of the library building.
Information: Don Suriani - Phone: 970-290-8100   Email: summitdesign@mesanetworks.net
Note that the Loveland Library does not permit food and drink in the Library.

Speaker: Don Suriani

Topic:  Solid Modeling CAD programs

Description: Don will explain through a roundtable discussion the benefits to both the designer and the inventor for virtual prototyping, animation, etc.

Speaker Bio: See above for contacting Don for more information.  

Speaker contact: See above for Don's contact information.


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